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ENGL. and GER.:

Mein Name ist Dr. Kai Helge Wirth.

Ich bin Anthropogeograph und Kunstwissenschaftler und Künstler. Ich bin völlig frei von Ideologie und die Freiheit der Menschen ist für mich das höchste Gut.

ist die Wissenschaft, die untersucht, wie der Mensch die Erde gestaltet hat. Dazu gehören zum Beispiel auch die Geographie des Verkehrs und die Bedingungen der menschlichen Mobilität.

Als Kunstwissenschaftler
ist es meine Aufgabe, die ästhetische Form von Kunst und künstlichen Objekten zu analysieren. Das bedeutet, Bilder zu lesen, um objektives Wissen zu erkennen. Mit Hilfe dieser Wissenschaft können wir objektivierbare Tatsachen in Bildern feststellen. Zum Beispiel das Vorhandensein einer Komposition in einem Kunstwerk. Die Bestimmung einer Komposition kann helfen, ihre Bedeutung zu verstehen.
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My Name is phd Kai Helge Wirth.
I am anthropogeografer and artscientist. I am completely free of ideology and the freedom of people is the greatest good for me.

is the science that studies how humans shaped the earth. This also includes, for example, the geography of traffic and the conditions of human mobility.

As artscientist
its my job to  analyze the aesthetical form of art and artificial objects. This means reading pictures to detect objective knowledge. With the help of this science we can determine objectifiable facts in pictures. For example, the presence of a composition in a work of art. The deteermination of a composition can help to understand its meaning.

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Dr. phil Kai Helge Wirth


Short version:


Dr. Wirth phd (artscience, geoscience) does not interpret but analyzes with a strict art-historical method called "Werkimmanente Bildberachtung". He learned this method from his father Prof. H.W.Wirth / Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, who was ordinarus for aesthetik and paedagogic of fine arts. Prof. Wirth developed it to a unique Method wich brings hidden information to light . The method is used to distinguish objective knowledge from subjective apparent knowledge. Professor Wirth refined this method until it became a unique method with which images can be read out objectively. Even if you don't know anything about them. Example: Prof. Wirth, Altamira


So he found objetive proofs for a very old telling.  Sumerians as the eldest writing culture claimed that sea routes were depicted in the constellations. Analyzing the shapes of the ancient constellations Wirth discoverd a celestial Atlas within the shapes. Like in a puzzle strech after strech the coastlines and currents had been projected into the stars. At the end of his investigations they was practically confirmed by Dr. Dominique Görlitz. So the constellations where invented by ancient seafearers. They projected the coastlines and currenst of their homelands coasts and the Oceans by combining the stars to complicated looking shapes. Thats why nowadays the Constellations look so chaotic. But the shapes themselfes dont make optically sense but make only sense as parts of the "Atlas in the Sky".

Wirth has published several publications on this.

Wirths knowledge was filmed and published by ARTE, HR, WDR, 3SAT, FR, FAZ...


The complete revision of the definition of the Nebra disc is new. After a detailed artanalysis of the artefact, Wirth comes to a completely different conclusion than previous non-specialist researchers. In his opinion, the core of the Bronze Age religion is explained here, as it has been handed down in Egypt, for example. Also he found comparable discs in vietnams Dong Son bronzeage culture. He found great similarities. Recently his work was also published in english language.

Also the Tal Qadi Stone book is already translated in english. This piece - Wirth discovered ist the first time in history that the Constellations where shown in detailed shapes ! On top it fully supports his Starmap Theory.

Dr. Helge Wirth, born 25.05.1965 Düsseldorf as the son of fashion designer Inge and artprofessor Willi Wirth. Studied Fine Arts and Artscience, Geography, Philosophy, film and sculpture in Frankfurt am Main and Kassel. He was teaching geo.- and art.- methods at scools and universities /several lectures and presentations. Early expieriences with diverse cultures and a lot of different countries and develloping of an "One World Idea". Supporting his father in doing Exhibitions at Dessauer Galery for international Themes: "Unesco", "Brot für die Welt", "Sinti und Roma", "Ber Warzager", "Neumann a voice silenced 1943".  Early conciousness about: every culture ist valuable and equal.

He politely declined the offer to work for a professorship in Berlin and instead he now lives near Frankfurt am Main as private scholar and author and artist. He built a youtube chanel: "helge wirth". Coorperations with Pfzer LtD.: Five Year Project:"Artandscience Project", ZDF "Dreizehn Stürme", JVC "Kunst und Wissenschaft" and others.

Detailed information

Scientific Development

  • Terrestrial Map between the constellations

  • At the age of 15 first discovery of correspondences between celestial maps and terrestrial maps.

  • At the age of 18, first guessings about the possibility of a greater terrestial map in the sky.

  • After studying Geo. and ArtSc. deep analysation of the celestial geographical map between Europe/Afrika and America.

  • Years of cartographic studies, anthropological and nautical studies.

  • Begining of a friendship between Dominique Görlitz and Kai Helge Wirth during the investigations for ancient seafaring. Since then intensive cooperations between them.

His results where confirmed by later studies about the sumerian and ancient greece history. Sumerians named constelations as ways of the seas (Gilgamesh Epic). Argonauts recieved a gift for their Journey by Cheiron who invented the constellations to make it easier for them to find their way through the seas (Clemens v. Alexandria).

2001 Kick off: First pressconference at Senckenberg Museum about the discovery of a map wich shows the currents and coastlines of a bygone culture between Europa and America.

Numerous publications and films in Germany (ARTE, ZDF, WDR, HR, 3SAT, FR.

Author of numerous Books in german language and english language as : The Origin of Constellations

2012 Tal Qadi Stone

Wirth came across the Tal Qadi Stone through family members in Malta. It is in the sky, according to Wirth's analysis, as the first physical evidence for the Sumerian sea chart. On the disc there ist the part of the celestial map wich represents the meditarranian and the black sea as a chart. In the middle there ist a graffitty of a protophoenician bird bark. For this discovery he was invited and honored in 2017 by the President of Malta in the then cultural capital of Valletta.

Wirth`s First Analysation of th Nebra Skydisk

Dr Wirth was the first art historian to examine the composition of this artefact. After alaizing the Peace he came to some descicive results deviating from the previous research of others:

Nebraskydisc is part of a well known bronceaged axis mundi religion wich was spread all over the northern hemisphere.  In northern Europa as well as in Egypt. This includes the Skybarksymbol as well. The Sky Disc shows us a story that we can understand through the clear composition.

Left hand we see the sun as symbol for the day. On the righthand side we see the moon as a symbol for the night. The skybark is positioned underneath them in the middle. Above the middle of the boat there ist the sevenstarsymbol wich ist symbol for god in heaven.

The rest of the stars is clearly differenciated. On the left, the stars are positioned around the Sun in an axisymmetric form. On the right we see a completely different order among the stars. Here the constellation Big Dipper appears, which is placed around the seven-pointed star symbol. The two remaining stars could show the image of hounds accompanying the chariot.


The result of the analysis is that this disc shows how the sky barque makes its way through day and night on its way to the highest place in the sky. Your companion is the Big Dipper. Exactly this story is known to us completely from Egyptian mythology. The Big Dipper as "Mesech Tui" has the task of accompanying the sky barque on its way. By means of heavenly boats, the souls of the deceased also find their way to heaven or the kings to their heavenly place of residence

Second Analysis of the Nebra Sky Disc

The second phase of the analysis of the Nebra Disc is a comparative image review. Through the first by Dr. Wirth discovered the similarity between the Nebra sky disk and the Dong son disks, profound conclusions could be drawn.

The formal appearance of the Bronze Age Dong Son disc is quite different from the more abstract depiction of the German disc. But the symbols shown - there they are concrete illustrations - show amazing similarities. The examples of the Bronze Age Dong Son culture discs show the same rim holes that could not be definitively explained in the case of the Nebra disc. They can now be clearly defined. There are holes for mounting discs as sacred ceremonial drums. Sky barks can also be seen on the Dong Son discs. In addition, vietnamese scientists recognized the North Star as the symbol in the middle. However, the North Star is the highest point in the sky and thus identical with the abode of the souls and the most precious god.

Results deviating from the previous research of others:

The sevenstar symbol does not represent the plejads because it does not look like it at all and the number of stars in reality is  nine and not seven.

Rather, the seven star symbol is known in many Bronze Age cultures and means the highest point in the sky (temple of the Jade Emperor / China), residence of the supreme God in heaven (Sumerer) Place by which all ships steer (Sweden).

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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