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Nebraskydisc was a drum, Braunsbedra, GER. 14.07.2202

Aktualisiert: 10. Juli 2022

Frankfurt researcher recently discovered that the Bronze Age Nebra sky disc has an equivalent in Southeast Asia. It's the Dong Son disc. In addition to many similarities in content, it has a comparable number of margin rim holes of approximately the same size. "The rim holes really look totally similar," says Dr. Wirth looking at the holes." Also the Symbols like northstar and Skybark are telling the same story on both Discs."

Since the function as a the head of a drum of Dong Son's sky disk is undeniable, there is no other solution for its German equivalent than that it was also part of a bronze drum. That will not do ? Wrong, because the Dong Son discs are still used in Vietnam to this day. They sound like buddhist Gongs or little bells.such as Example at funeral ceremonies and rain ceremonies. "I am in constant exchange about my research with other researchers such as Dominique Görlitz". For the first time in history we will have an exhibition about the Skydiscs of the world.

The Exhibition at:

will show several Skydiscs from aruond the northern hemisphere such as: Dong Son and Nebra skydiscs.

Briefing about Dr. Kai Helge Wirth`s research on Nebra skydisc: Have you ever fallen for a good sounding story? Did they fall for it because it was uttered by honest, unquestionable people and because many other people were also peddling it? And because it sounded exciting? Then they feel like I did 20 years ago. For lack of other ideas, I initially believed what was reported about the Nebra disk. It was only much later that I noticed many inconsistencies in the justifications. But how was it back then? Found 20 years ago and quickly interpreted. Instead of examining the Nebra Disk as an artefact, scientists at the time missed the opportunity to view the work of art impartially. Immediately, far-reaching phantasmagorias about the purposes, meaning, applications of religions were formed, which were published and are cognitively persistent to this day due to a lack of alternatives. Many interested journalists may have simply adopted the opinions, trusting in the professor's title. The story sounded very exciting and competent:


1. The Pleiades are depicted on the disk.
2. It is a disc associated with a particular landscape, astronomy, agriculture and place of worship.
3. Even with the greatest effort, no constellations can be found on it.
4. The stars on it have been scientifically proven to be arranged in the Gaussian distribution. The stars are roughly equidistant from each other
5. The disc is completely unique
6. The disk has transmitted important information to agriculture in the form of a date.

These five basic claims then provided the scientific basis for all the fantasies that followed about use, use and other things. This story was worth something! It sold well and everyone took part and copied from each other, it seems to me.

Through the first-time use of image-scientific methods, it was possible to open up completely new perspectives and to invalidate outdated assumptions.
Inconsistencies in the old theories about the Nebra disk could thus be uncovered.
As a result, almost all of the basic assumptions were refuted.
Today, for the first time in the world, there is an exhibition about the sky discs and their meaning in context. The Sky Disc models exhibited here have so far been completely overlooked in Sky Disc research or simply not even mentioned

Our new findings are based on a valid basis and can be understood by everyone:

point 1.)
The seven star symbol on the disc is not the Pleiades! The Pleiades look completely different and have 9 stars. Rather, the symbol represents a sign that means "Supreme place or seat of the god-king or supreme ruler, or simply north. It simply denotes the highest point in the sky.
It is closely related to the cult of the pillars of heaven and is known in cultures throughout the northern hemisphere in the Bronze Age, from which the Nebra disk also originates. Unfortunately, apparently not in previous sky disc research. But it is the key to the whole! A meaningful example of this can be found in Bronze Age Bohuslän, where the ships are shown exactly aligned according to the seven-pointed star symbol. This is also the case on the Nebra Disc, where the barge is directly below the seven-star symbol. It is known by the Sumnerians as the seat of the God-King and by the Chinese (in the site of the Temple of the Jade Emperor) and Vietnamese (in the Dong Son culture) and in Germany in the Bronze Age as a symbol: "Highest Place". It is the destination of the sky barge in the cultures.

point 2.)
According to recent research, the disk does not appear to have come from the site where it was found. There is extensive research on this. However, the abstract “superimposed” theories about astronomical and geographical events no longer have much probative value if the disk was not and is not connected to the landscape at all.

Point 3 Contrary to what the outdated research claims, it has been very easy to find a constellation on the Nebra disc. The big chariot dominates the scene on the right-hand panel. It is an indispensable part of the sky bark mythology that has been handed down to us. Only with him as a companion can the sky barge find its way to the North Star!Point 4
It is only possible to speak of a Gaussian normal distribution of the stars on the disc if the mathematical prerequisites for this are completely ignored. Instead, we could see a strict ordering of the stars on both the left side of the day and the right side of the night. The stars also have, contrary to what is claimed, de facto large differences in their distances.

Point 5.) There are many reference artefacts to the disc and the symbols appearing on it.
The most important artifact is the classic Dong Son disc. In this exhibition it is brought into connection with the Nebra disk for the first time.

It is possible to understand the Dong-Son disc through the existence of a detailed mythological narration on this type of disc. The point on her is that the souls of the deceased should reach the north star by means of sky barks. A temple on the slide indicates that it is also about the residence of the highest god.
Everything I believe I have found out about the Nebra Disk is confirmed by this find.

The simultaneous presence of sky barks aligned at right angles to the North Star, the souls of the deceased (represented by birds), the presence of the many small holes in the rim and the told Mathology make those two discs beeing Twindiscs.

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