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Hot Stuff, ancient Eridanus ist not Italian river Po! Old misconception finally corrected

One of the constellations is called Eridanos. Danos is the greece word for River so its "River Eri" or "Erid". Earlier scientists assumed that Eridanus must be river Po in Italy.

But Eridanos river is named by Hesiod, Herodot and others and we have some fairly accurate ​ sources from the ancient greece about it:


1.It is said: Eridanos is north from the hyperborean peoples land in the very north and this river should be able to flow upwards"

2. "The amber lies in this river"

3. "The river flows into the ocean in the north"

Now there is only one river on earth wich fulfills all of these things at the same time: The River Eider in former Denmark (Wikingland) today in Schleswig Holstein. Really? Find out:

1. It flows twice a day at high tide up well into the delta an flows upwards.

2. Most of the amber that was traded in the Bronze Age came from here and the baltic and was verifiably traded as far as Egypt. Even today we know the many traces of the Amber Road from the Eider to Egypt.

3. It flows into the ocean in Northern Europe.

Now please take a look on the projection at the beginning of this page: Eider and Constellation Eridanos are absolutely similar ! Isn`t it true?

Very interesting is the fact that Tacitus tells us about his information that the inhabitants of the Land around Eider honored the goddess ISIS.

On this river they buried their Kings in ships to set them on their way to North (heaven).

Just to make shure there is no mistake:

In the 12th century the Eridanos constellation was extended enormously towards the south by an Arab astronomer. It therefore appears twice as large in today's celestial maps. But this is not the original shape of the ancient constellation. Before it had exactly the shape used here.

Thank you for reading!

see more on youtube: "Helge Wirth"

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